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Roses in ribbon embroidery

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Spider web rose.

Spider web rose is very popular in silk ribbon embroidery. It is worked in two easy steps.

1) Firstly embroider five straight stitches radiating from the centre of the rose. They will form the rose base.

2mm silk ribbon of matching colour works nicely. Use #24 Chenille needle.


2) Then starting from the centre, do weaving around the stitches using 7 or 13mm silk ribbon and ##18 or 20 Chenille. Go round and round on a spiral to make rose petals. It is important to follow the pattern: skip over one stitch and go under the next one and so on. Since you finish the first circle, work the second one in the check order.

A tip. Twist your ribbon a little for the outer rose petals.

Use Variegated silk ribbon for a better look of your rose. It is also possible to use another shade of ribbon for outer petals.



Spider web rose

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Follow the link for more complicated rose techniques.


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