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Correspondence education (distance learning)

We are happy to offer you the way to gain correspondence education (DISTANCE LEARNING CLASSES) in the field of silk ribbon embroidery. It is easy to follow and you can learn at your own pace! You will be able to master the topics of Complete Course of Ribbon Embroidery by following the advices below.


There are several options on how to do it.


A textbook
"The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery", the second book by Tatiana Popova (and it is available in English as well).

Follow the link please to see the feedback

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Free workshops on silk ribbon embroidery
Follow the link, please to see the details. And you are welcome to practice stitching using our free ribbon embroidery designs.

We appreciate sharing that information very much and Thank you for the links to that pages!

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Kits for silk ribbon embroidery
Enjoy our kit collection shown here. And here you will find a stitch guide for beginners in ribbon embroidery.

[The right-hand photograph shows the cover of the instructions in Russian. But you will get the same issue in English.]

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Another option is to attend Tatiana Popova`s workshops in silk ribbon embroidery annually tought in Milwaukee WI at Bead&Button show.



You will also need

high-quality instruments

- Chenille needles (made in the UK)

- Embroidery hoops of frame


See how to knot your ribbon for stitching.


вышивка лентой для начинающих, закрепление ленты в игле, вышивка шелковыми лентами, шелковая лента, иглы Синель


as well as material to work with

- Natural silk ribbon

- Packs of silk ribbon specially arranged for the designs in the books.

- Sets of silk ribbon for designs featured in our silk ribbon embroidery kits


вышивка шелковыми лентами, вышивка лентой для начинающих, закрепление ленты в игле, натуральная шелковая лента купить Украина, иглы Синель

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Do some kind of homework

Again, there are several options for that:

- Free designs for silk ribbon embroidery

- Designs from ribbon embroidery books

- Free ribbon embroidery workshops

- Ribbon embroidery kits

- Ribbon stitch ABC 





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