Newsletter #6 (January 2016)


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Hello stitching world!


Little Owl SmartCrafts TM heartly greets you and wishes the coming year to be full of creativity, joy, health and happiness.

...And with some flowers, of course. It is winter time in my country and snowflaces are dancing nicely in the air. Still we do have some blossom in my studio :) And we have quite a lot of news to tell you. But first things first.


Our very main piece of news is that


my second book on silk ribbon embroidery is soon to be published.

It is coming in two languages, Russian and English: no more handicaps for our communication!


Quite a lot of interesting, new and unusual things will be placed to it. Flower portraits, new stitching techniques, holiday gift ideas. And a lot more! Please find the details at The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book page.


It is going to come out in 2016 and currently we accept pre-ordering to


One more important thing:

The Third Lucky Ribbon embroidery contest

is going to take place in April 2016. Welcome to take part in it. The selection of ribbon designs participating the contest is shown here. Find your favourite kit and go ahead! Good luck to everybody!

You can find Terms of Participation at the Contest web page.


Moreover, our contest is going to be held twice a year, mid spring and mid autumn.




At present we have started admitting the contest projects. Welcome to send images of your stitched artworks to our email:


Embroidery. Framing. Interior

This is the name of a new saloon which organized by Masters` Golden Hands Show managers. It is going to start at the show on 15-17 April 2016. Welcome to see their FB page. The embroidery section seems to keep growing within the show.


My ribbon embroidery BLOG

Look for the articles about Fu-ku-ro, crewel embroidery, wedding dresses, ribbon stitching advice, flowers and leaves and a lot more. About our travelling, bright impressions, inspiration and... owlets, of course!


Free ribbon embroidery designs

Keep in touch and welcome to master some of our free patterns for ribbon embroidery. It is a kind of correspondence school and a good source for creative gifts and birthday presents.


бесплатные схемы для вышивки лентами, скачать схемы вышивки для начинающих, вышивка лентой схемы, идеи, шелковая лента, вышивка

вышивка лентой бесплатные схемы, скачать загрузить схемы вышивки лентами для начинающих бесплатно, шелковая лента


Happy stitching!


Our new web site page is stimpunk

My both sons together with my husband are all for it. They are fond of stimpunk craft very much! This time I have even received a stimpunk owl bag for a birthday present :)


Business seminar on ribbon embroidery

The newest project in the field of ribbonwork. Just about how to develop your own business in this field of arts and crafts. Some advice on the subject plus the "secret" information regarding silk ribbon manufacturers.

Nice to meet new colleagues! :)


Welcome and good luck!


Natural silk ribbon

We have got new colours and ribbon size. Welcome to the web page. We both wholesale and retail it.


Ribbon embroidery kits

Keeping on the "12 Cups" series: meet The Cup of February!


And a new collection of ribbon designs for beginners called Heart Windows. Our favourite flowers inframed in the heart shape with lots of stitches and ribbonwork techniques used. Have fun studying and stitching and get a nice hearty present for your dear family and friends afterwords :)



Last but not the least: Monograms. Now we have Letter R and S, with A and D coming.


We are in social media

Please find the marks of social networks in the left upper corner of our web site pages. Welcome for inspiration to Facebook and Pinterest.


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Happy stitching to everybody!


Kindest regards,

Tatiana Popova.