Newsletter (October and November, 2014)



Hello to all stitch lovers!


Fall is almost over. And our grand autumn exam is passed: Masters` Golden Hands International Craft Show held in Kiev Ukraine went on successfully! Thus we are starting preparation to New Year holidays and summing up our job.


Wishing happy stitching and a lot of new creative ideas to everybody!



Kit of month

It is our new project.

Every month we select by chance a couple of kits for ribbon embroidery by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM and sell them with 20% discount.



In November 2014 they are

- "Blossoming Heart" (K-003) and

- "Road Under the Sun" (Арт. K-032).








My BLOG is working now!

Welcome for new interesting articles, exchanging impressions and ideas, new information... well, and simply for a pleasant way of spending time


There you will find some info on

- How to decorate a bag with silk ribbon embroidery,

- What is stitctly forbidden while doing ribbon embroidery,

- Embroidering roses in silk ribbon

...and a lot more!


Ribbon embroidery contest

Our first contest on silk ribbon embroidery was held successfully. Please kindly follow the Link to see the results! All the artworks by contest finalists are just awesome!!!


Our sincere congratulations to contest winners!


вышивка лентами, галерея картин вышитых лентой, вышивка выставки, шелковая лента купить, наборы для вышивки лентой, конкурс по вышивке лентами












New kits for silk ribbon embroidery by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM

A couple more kits - an owlet by Inga Paltser and one more Chinese Guohua are finished and soon they will be awailable for purchasing! Follow the links:

Pacification and Always Smile!


книги по вышивке лентой, вышивка лентами книги купить Киев Украина, Россия, Москва

A book on ribbon embroidery


The first book on silk ribbon embroidery by Tatiana Popova is a textbook for all craft lovers wishing to master ribbon embroidery.

A second book is being prepared for publishing in 2016. It is going to be bilingual (Russian and English) and soon it will be awailable for ordering by email:








Summing up our time spent with Masters` Golden Hands Craft Show


See the photos of this wonderful event following the link.




Free ribbon embroidery patterns

Our collection keeps on growing! Have some new portion of inspiration here!

Welcome and Happy stitching!