Newsletter #2 (September, 2014)


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Good day to all craft lovers!


My name is Tatiana Popova and now I am glad to obtain this option of sending newsletters to tell you about our new releases, news and sale proposals. Wishing everybody to enjoy yourself, have much of inspiration and useful things


Feel free to contact me (to make an order or ask a question) at or via my Facebook page (


My phone is +380 67 450 26 50+380 67 450 26 50 (Tatiana)


Welcome everybody and happy stitching!



Kit of a month

This is our brand new idea: to randomly choose two kits of our Little Owl Ribbon Embroidery Kit Collection, to offer it with 20% discount.

купить наборы для вышивки лентой, схемы для вышивки лентами, для начинающих


In September 2014 those kits are Roses in the Chinese Vase (K-012) and A House in the Garden (K-008).


Both kits are of Beginner skill level! Nice options for beginners in silk ribbon embroidery.






My Blog is ready now

Welcome to read interesting articles, see some photos, exhange oppinions and get some new information.



ribbon embroidery contest, show, design, certificate, silk ribbon contest

Ribbon Embroidfery Contest

We are going on admiring new entries to our Silk Ribbon Embroidery Contest by Little Ows SmartCrafts. 

All the kits by Little Owl are taking part in it.


Welcome and good luck!











New Ribbon Embroidery Kits by Little Owl SmartCrafts

Totally new ribbon embroidery kit collection, called `The 12 Cups`. It is developed specially for beginners in silk ribbon embroidery.

And the very first kit of this collection is for August, of course. And of course that cup has sunflowers in it!

About 30% of Ribbon Embroidery Tree stitches will be mastered, while embroidering this design.


And the printed pannel ready to embroider is about A4 size.

наборы вышивка лентами, цветы, осень, подсолнухи, для начинающих, кухонная тематика.

наборы, схемы для вышивания лентой для начинающих, простые схемы бесплатно, наборы для вышивки лентами купить


`The 12 Cups` ribbon embroidery kits are perfect presents for birthdays and easy tutorials to master silk ribbon embroidery!

The designs can be turned into e.g. pleasant-looking framed kitchen decorations, pillow cusions, and appliques for bags.



книги по вышивке лентой, вышивка лентами книги купить Киев Украина, Россия, Москва

A book on silk ribbon embroidery


The book includes 43 ribbon stitches with lots of colourful photos and 16 designs for ribbon embroidery. As well as about 30 thread stitches, methods to work with wide silk ribbon and lots of ideas regarding ribbon embroidery.


The book is in Russian at present. Still, to have a foreign craft book means to enreach your creativity with new ideas and techniques!


(A second ribbon embroidery book is being prepared).


To order a book email me to


Or contact me via Facebook:


My phone number is +380 67 450 26 50+380 67 450 26 50 (Tatiana Popova).



New! Ribbon embroidery stitch collection

43 ribbon stitches is a real treasure for beginners in silk ribbon embroidery. I wish I had such a leaflet 10 years ago myself, when I started doing ribbon embroidery!

This instruction is for Beginner skill level and is available in English.



Silk ribbon embroidery basics, stitch guide for beginners..



To order a leaflet

email me to

Or contact me via Facebook:


Silk ribbon embroidery basics, stitch guide.

Special offer for beginners in silk ribbon embroidery: Little Owl SmartCrafts` stitch Collection. It includes 43 stitches with detailed instructions and plenty of photographs. A perfect guide for beginners! Including some author`s tips and advice. 

Designed by: Tatiana Popova.

Skill level: BEGINNER


Cost: $10.











курсы вышивки лентами в Киеве, вышивка лентой мастер-класс

Ribbon embroidery classes and workshops

In September 2014 our very first group to study silk ribbon embroidery has started its education. Success attend you!

The next one is about to start in October or November.


We are going to study The Complete Course on Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

Every time I am very happy to have all those creative ladies gathered together and making real wonders!


We seem to have a fistful of brand new ideas for silk ribbon embroidery, which are going to be published in my second ribbon embroidery book.



Do not miss your chance to join us, whenever you are visiting our beautiful city of Kiev.

I give individual lessons too. Moreover I visit foreign craft show and teach there, so keep in touch to see what we can do about it.





Free ribbon embroidery designs

Wellcome to browse our ribbon idea collection to see some lessons, patterns, ribbon stitches, ideas and so on.



Happy stitching to everybody,


Kindest regards,

Tatiana Popova.